North Sea

Dorthe Nors, Henrik Saxgren

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North Sea represents a collaboration between two renowned creative artists: author Dorthe Nors and photographer Henrik Saxgren. This extraordinary book traces the astonishingly beautiful stretch of coastline between northern Denmark and the Wadden Sea in Holland, reflecting on our human fascination with the natural world.

Nors and Saxgren each spent an extended period travelling along the coastline, producing a breath-taking collection of essays and images about the sea, the land and humankind. This collection – at once poetic, witty and beautiful – offers the reader a profound insight into the life of the North Sea coast. The book consists of fifteen essays and a visual narrative in three parts, depicting the landscape through Nors’s deft, unmistakeable prose and Saxgren’s powerful images. More broadly, it tells a story about our relationship with nature – and about memory, landscape and belonging.